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Lower back pain for a year now, won't heal

Hi, I am 34 year old male with lower hack pain for a year now. I have always been in good shape and active.. It all started of mountain bike fall, I did have sudden lower back stabbing pain that lasted for 2-3 minutes and then faded away. Few week later I start getting better and been advised to get more active and go back to gym etc. So I did, and about 2 months after initial injury I must have pulled or did something on my back as next morning walk up with numbness in my right food and left arm, also stiffness in low back and pain.

Long story short a year on and I still have lower back pain, I had an MRI that did not show any damage on discs, been to GP number of times, doctors, chiropractors, physios.. with no real success. I do not have leg pain, the only place pain radiate is my to right buttock. Would move from buttock to middle of low back L5 region, sometimes bit higher, next time could be on right side where SI join is.. Pain always seem to be in one place, ive never had pain in bud and low back pain in same time.. Pain is not very severe maybe around 5 out of 10 and most of the times is more like discomfort/ mild pain/ irritation, but when it gets irritated can be strong pain for 1-2 days and then settles down again.. The problem is I can not get to cure it .. I have done anything possible, I have done extensive online research, tried lot of excersise and stretches, currently working on my core muscles( seems to help), practise good posture, try having healthy life and diet.. In generally my fitness level is rather good I would say . I can walk and stand for long period of time . its hard for me to figure out what cause the pain as it never gives me signal right away while doing something. Pain would come hours after later or even next day .... so its hard for me to say what move does damage... Or if I do some house work, I would get heating up sensation in low back, and it feels week and stiff when doing simple stuff around the house involving leaning etc.

It is worth to mention that occasionally some pain would appear in my neck, lower neck. I believe there must be some connection, this pain would go away within few days ...but when its present lower back seems to be better ...

All this really have affected my quality of life, I am desperate to get better and just be back to normal life.. as now I am avoiding most of activities due its getting worse if start pushing it...

Doctors are telling me its a mechanical issues ( whatever that means) ... But I don't think its a muscle issues as I can do fair bit of excersising and it feels ok while doing it but later is when pain would come if I have overdone ...

Why is not healing that is my question and what could be the reason of the pain ?




  • Also noted when its upset it tends to start with pain down low in l5 s1 even lower...its like a heating up/ inflammation type of pain not sharp pain... Any help or suggestions will be appreciated

  • memerainboltmemerainbolt IndianaPosts: 3,437

    Hello pixord!
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    Going by my own experience, I know the difference between back pain and inflammation. I can put my hand on my lower back and it's hot. Have you talked to your doctor about it possibly being inflammation?
    Another suggestion would be make an appointment with a rheumatologist to rule out arthritis.

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    Please keep us posted on how you are doing.

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  • catapamcatapam AustriaPosts: 157

    "I have done extensive online research, tried lot of excersise and stretches, currently working on my core muscles( seems to help), practise good posture, try having healthy life and diet.."

    You already have the answer. You wrote it. I mean you went to doctors, did MRI, so you know doctors opinion. From this point forward jumping from one doctor to another can be waste of time and money

    Be very careful with your exercise. Monitor for a while when you bring something new in. Pay attention also to your stretching routine. The key is to do the right amount in slow peace. Do not hurry up. Your endurance is lower compared with a guy that have no back issues, so compete only with yourself

    Do not be angry or feel frustrated. Accept it. This is it, and there is no magic fix or a super-doctor that will completely solve your problem

  • pixordppixord Posts: 1
    edited 12/23/2017 - 7:33 AM

    Thank for respond guys,

    I am not sure if is inflammatory type pain... its hard to describe it really.. It just doesn't feel right .. it's like something is out of place or, there is foreign body in my low back.. but a part of pain/ discomfort I do have occasionally numbness in buttock area and side of tight.. Last time was really upset was having gentle tingling on my left foot.. its wasn't a numbness it was like low voltage impulses been send down to my foot. But that went a way 2-3 days later..

    Yes maybe I should take it easy and give it a long break rather then try to fix it quick... that's pretty much ive been doing I guess, I really want to fix it and possibly overdoing it without realising.. The problem is I been failing to keep pain calm for longer periods of time.. I am impulsive and as soon as I start feeling better start doing more exercises... its just frustrating . Will try be qualm and not overdoing it..

    yesterday went for a run with a friend, and next day back was irritated, had numbness left buttock and side of tight. I did take 2x200mg ibuprofen, A few hours later on was fine with no major pain and no numbness at all..but strange thing is that I have been out running previously( a month ago) and back wasn't irritated by that.. That is one of the problems, it is not consistent... there is no 1 specific movement that cause the damage .. its really hard to find it..

    Thanks again guys, will keep you posted,

    And pardon my English, its is my second language

  • I am in the same boat although only 6 months for me. My husband bought me a zero gravity recliner chair and it seems to help a lot (I'm freaked out by the inversion table so this was our try it compromise). While it' not magic or anything it greatly reduces my pain.... it' a little hard to get in and out of the one I have but it it literally the only thing I can sit in that doesn't make my leg feel like there is a metal rod running through it.

    I find it hard because I can be very active go to the gym use the elipitical and low weights on machines (the ones pt recommended) and of course streching. I go from having significant improvement to feeling like I'm back to square one I'm hoping that over time I will be normal again... I hate having to slow people down and or lean on things to get through my work day.

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  • crystalclarinet ''I go from having significant improvement to feeling like I'm back to square one I'm hoping that over time I will be normal again''

    Very similar with me, my advice is do not rush it at all. I also can be very active / use to be very active, I been like that for a while now and learned that its not going to be an easy/quick fix... I was considering also getting inverted table .. will wait a bit and see how it goes, if doesn't improve my get cheaper one from inet.. I believe core strengthening exercise helps me but only if they are done properly, no hard core stuff... even contracting my core muscles while standing or walking seems to help, just to get them active...

    Been to my doctor today and she told me there is nothing else they can do to help me.. and my spine looks healthy... I will have to keep active, learn how to deal with it, to protect my injured place and hope in time will heal ;-)

  • I'm in the same boat (expect I have a herinated disk). The inversion table freaked me out so that's why I got the recliner which so far has helped. I have successfully slept through the night 3 nights in a row (I would like to get back into my bed eventually). I had another person suggest yoga to me (she said it was the only thing that helped).

  • Have you been to doctors and what did they said ? Don't just assume or self diagnose urself, I was doing this for a long time, and still trying to find something new.. but it looks like its just a back injury without any series structural damage.. Even tho I don't really have a proper diagnose..

    How did your problem started ?

  • Yes this is actually my second round of a sciatica outbreak. The first one one away completely after 6 months with physical therapy and anti-inflammatory medicine. It was gone for 2 whole years. Both times I literally woke up this way one day. This time it came back with a vengence in July so bad that I was screamingwhen getting up in the morning ... I saw an orthopedic surgeon who ordered an Mri herinated l5/s1 he said no surgery you need an epidural. He sent me to a pain management doctor... I didn' want to get an epidural if I didn't have to so I tried physical therapy and was able to do the exercises but my pain didn't decrease so I got my first epidural done early October from then until early December I felt like I was getting better every day little by little the pain management doctor said I didn' need to come back and then all of a sudden I was being woken up nightly by burning leg pain. Headed back to the doctor who suggested another epidural (since I've hit my deductible I'm going in Friday for the 2nd one). He said I could try a chiropractor (but I've heard too many horror stories). He suggested the recliner or an inversion table. I haven't asked about yoga although I'm sure he will be all for it (he is all about being active and streching).

    After this epidural I was told I can hopefully get longer lasting relief or I can learn to live with it or I can think about surgery (I under no circumstances want surgery) so I'm guessing I'll be taking the deal with it route.

    When I was going to physical therapy they told me that back pain is very hard to treat because what "fixes" one person makes another worse and vice versa. I am simply at a loss because how can this world cure cancer but not figure out back problems?

  • Sorry to hear that, Yes I am also frustrated how can not be effective cure for back pain... its soo long lasting, and you are not sure if is getting better or what.. I can not recommend anything for you unfortunately as not familiar with herniation's..

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