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Sick and Tired of the "War on Opioids"



  • Its perfectly ok..ime,sorry your dealing with pain right now..thats ..well that was terrifying when i wass cut off..what am i gonna do. Became

    How am i going to handle?

    I hate this war on patients..or what it seemingly is..

    You keep fighting too,we all need to keep fighting for our patients rights which seem to end when we walk out hosoital doors,

    Hope tonite is gentle painwise as can be...and esp be gentle on yourself.

    William Garza
    Spine-Health Mod

    Welcome to Spine-Health

  • Thank for the rant! I feel the same. I stay within the limit of pain meds I am prescribed. If i don't need it, i don't take it. I therefore spend a lot of time on my heating pad, and have been known to have 4 baths some days. For some reason, I find if I get my body temp up, it eases the pain a lot, but it could also be water tends to take a lot of the weight off my spine, so i soak hours at a time. If the government would ban pain killers like they seem to want to do, I'd really be living in the tub.

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  • I’m not sure if this is the right place to post my comment since this is such s long post, but the war on opioids riles me up. Here is my recent story. My pain is well documented with stenosis, Ankylosing spondylitis, herniated disks, arthritis, osteoporosis . I still work and my job requires a lot of travel and long hours on the computer. I’d like to file disability but just can’t. Here’s my thing, my work required travel so I had to miss my appointment for med refill, my doc was on vacation so he was out a week. I went to my primary who kindly filled my OxyContin, but didn’t fill my Percocet breakthrough med. he received approval from my pm doc, but still only gave me half the dose of breakthrough for the week until I saw my pm again. So my dilemma I have OxyContin for 8 days but Percocet for 5 days. Do you take your full dose for 5 days and suffer for 3 days or take half doses all days and hope for at least some partial relief. I decided the latter half doses for 8 days. For partial relief. By day 9 seeing my doctor my pain is almost a 9. I’m mad at myself for not going to my appointment. I’m mad at my primary for the half dose. I’m mad because legit pain patients can’t get relief. When I went to my pm today - he refillled all he’s awesome and not to blame for my missed appointment. 4 hours of taking my usual medication I’m at least sort of functioning. All week I could not vacuum, load the dishwasher or fold clothes. ...all I want is to do is work and keep up my house. Three days of my misssd medication set me bsck 7 days. Why can’t pain patients get treated fairly. I want to work, earn money and keep my house up and I need meds to do it. It’s so discouraging when people dont try and understand the unfortunate situation of the chronic pain patient.

  • I'm from the UK, why is there a so called war on opiates?

  • I believe the "war on opiates" is a manufactured story. As China is shipping illicit fentanyl and carfentanil here to the US, people are dying. The illicit, non pharmaceutical drugs are being formed in to what looks like a pain pill, percocet, vicodin, oxycontin. People are taking them and dying. The Physicians for Responsible Opioid Prescribing, PROP, have worked with the CDC to say that chronic pain patients are to blame for all of the deaths. They are saying pain patients aren't careful with their medication.

    I recently read about a 19 year old son of a Fox Reporter, he purchased some Percocet off the street. He took half of one, he is now dead. It was illicit fentanyl

    Right now there is an official request from PROP to the FDA to immediately remove all pain medications over 30 mg from the market. A year ago I would not have believed this possible but it is happening. I will get the docket from the FDA and paste it here in case anyone would like to comment.

    It appears that PROP, CDC, DEA is going to eventually remove all pain medications from the market, it sounds crazy. I just heard that Mr Taubman, a board member from PROP told a group of pain management doctors, if you are not prescribing suboxone to your pain patients you are not doing your job.

    This is so frightening, I had to share it.

    8/31/15 microdiscetomy laminotomy
    8/15 reruptured l5
    12/24/13 laminotomy/discetomy of L5
    9/98 laminectomy l4/l5
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  • Here is the link. I hope it is okay to share this. There are only about 450 comments, not enough to stop PROP. In 2013 PROP was stopped with about 2,500 people, at the time they were attempting to make pain pills labeled for cancer or hospice. The FDA refused that request so they have come back with another request, in order to make it a law. If PROP gets all pain pills over 30 mg off the market, it won't be long until all are gone I'm not able to link this so perhaps you can go to regulations dot gov and type in the FDA number

    regulations gov/docket?D= FDA-2017-P-5396

    8/31/15 microdiscetomy laminotomy
    8/15 reruptured l5
    12/24/13 laminotomy/discetomy of L5
    9/98 laminectomy l4/l5
  • OK somewhere in every comment, there has to be “ The Devils Advocate “ I guess today that would be me lol. The arguement is true between both groups! As a pain management patient myself as well as a 30 year Paramedic I can see valid points. First you have to look where it all started. Pharmaceutical Companies came up with a miracle drug which stopped all pain. This was pushed on all MDs to prescribe these medications even for BS issues like 30 tablets for a sprained ankle. There were no urinalysis on your pain management days. They handed them out like candy.Then other medications were tried, anti depressants for nerve pain, non narcotic meds like Toradol, tramadol ( there’s a bunch of them) that wasn’t good enough and pain patients would go to the ER records in hand saying Dilauded was the only drug that worked! Then the man with the sprained ankle who was given 30 tablets and only needed 2 would leave them in his cabinet, so his kid would grab them and spread them around. Then people on Disability ( yes I’m on disability as we’ll ) who were getting 800.00 a month to live on from Social Security found out that you could sell these things for 10 dollars a pill. Found there way to the street! And the market started! Let’s add Xanax, Valium, to the equation. There’s a big market for pharmaceuticals! After the tightening of the noose for “ chronic pain patients” who had to pee in the bottle once a month and not given enough meds started buying them off the streets. When they couldn’t afford or find them found out that Heroin mixed with Fentanyl ( 100 times stronger then morphine) were cheaper! That started another epidemic! Yes a LOT of people have died due to these drugs! 30 years as a Paramedic, When we go to a suicide by OD seems there’s a few things in common! We do what’s called a scene survey on every call ( EMS guy can attest to this ) but one common denominator we find is you always find prescribed bottles of Xanax, Valium or some form of a antidepressant med. So I ask, have we become a nation that revolves around the “ magic pill”.? We give medications out for every ailment known to God! MDs give out antibiotics for the common cold just so the patient thinks he’s getting something! Now look out for the super bug! Unfortunately there is no tool used to measure pain. We use a 1-10 scale. Guys who stubbed there toe says 10. A woman in labor says a 6. No way to accurately measure true pain! So who loses and who wins? The losers are people like you and myself who need the pain meds is to survive and to have some quality of life. The winners.... Yes it’s the Pharmaceutical Companies who now charge 100% higher for Narcan then they did in the late 90s . As a past Director of Operations, 4 mg of Narcan was 2.69 for a pre filled syringe. NOW it’s 100-200% percent higher then that! As far as medical marijuana, Florida just passed that law and that’s another crock of crap! You pay a MD who you don,t know 200.00, then you go back 90 days later, pay another 200.00 and your given a card to purchase medical marijuana at a high price! No questions asked! It’s cheaper to buy it off the street! So yes, the Chronic pain patients like you and myself are the ones who pay the price for this! Sandra is correct when she says get involved!

  • Well I guess am both one of those anti painkiller jerks and a hypocrite. I was injured at work in July of 2016. I worked thru the pain only taking naproxen until August of 2017 then was given my first script of hydrocodone. I did physical therapy, massage therapy and nothing fixed my back. Had a discogram done in July 2017 At that point the Dr felt surgery was my best option. I was taken completely out of work in August 2017. Had to fight with my former employer’s insurance to get the surgery paid for and for workmans comp. I would only take the pain pills sparingly and never three days in a row. I didn’t want to become a “junkie”. I had days I could hardly walk. Between August and early November I had only taken 28 of the 60 pills given to me. After fighting with the insurance company to get approval for surgery in October they finally approved it. I had my ALIF surgery done on November 30,2017. In the hospital I was on a morphine pump. I was in so much pain I barely slept . I didn’t want to use the pump for pain I was scared of being a “junkie”. Got yelled at by both my Mom and a nurse they told me it’s worse to wait until I’m in complete agony to use the meds. So I took the meds while there when I came home I was give Oxycodone and I took them every 4hours because I was in so much pain. Do I want to take pain pills hell no. do I need them right now yes I do. It’s been drilled into my head by the media that if I take painkillers I’m automatically going to become a heroin addict. Have some people become heroin addicts because they abused painkillers yes is every one who takes painkillers a heroin addict no.

  • There has been some really good information that has come out of this string. I think the one thing that I enjoy most about this information is seeing just how people are getting involved for their own care. If we just blindly trust the establishment, it will not end well for all of us. Speak up to your elected people (I can't bring myself to call elected people "Leaders") Leader's are people who can take information from both sides and make an intelligent statement. Right now, all we get is lip service across the board.

    I did a very unscientific check at work recently and in the past three months, out of all the OD call's our EMS crews have made, only one appears to be from a legit pain management patient. He simply got confused and took too much of his medication. Every other case including suicides were from illicit drugs or people stealing drugs from family members. But yet, the focus continues to be on chronic pain patients.

    It might also interest you to know that there are some medical schools in America that are actually sponsored by pharmaceutical companies. In speaking with an MD friend of mine the other day he said something that really hit home. In medical school, doctors are taught how to get people on medications. A lot of time is spent on that very subject. But little to no time is spent on getting people off the medications. I've always thought that so long as drug companies are part of just about everyone's 401K funds, there will never be reform.

    If we could just find the middle ground where people who truly need the medications could get them and unapproved uses controlled, it would be a wonderful thing.

    Several Epidurals, L4-S1 360 ALIF, Numerous Facet Joint Injections, RFA x2
  • EMS guy, dealing with W/C as you know is a pain in the A.. as you’ve allready found out. After mediation and settlement, they don,t want to talk to you or even care. Mediation lawyers always use the term “ affordable care act” which enables someone with pre existing conditions to continue with your treatment! Afterwards you find out how difficult it is to deal with the insurance companies! Anyone on W/C be careful of what your really giving up!

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